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Poster Galore offers a large selection of posters designed for the ‘tough guy’. We currently have a large collection of target posters from Malik available at our webshop. These vintage posters are ideal for a boys’ room, a man cave or any room with an industrial style.

Target Posters Malik

Born William Tai on January 2, 1948 in Paris, France, Malik is the son of a French father and a Mexican mother. At an early age, Malik emigrated to Belgium and spent his youth in Brussels. At the age of 14, he focused on drawing calendar saints. Only later did he concentrate on cartooning. He not only drew a short story from Tintin, but he also frequently published in Robbedoes (1982). From 1971, he also drew the comic series "Archie Cash", which is based on the story of Jean-Marie Brouyère.

Malik also created a series of target posters commissioned by the shooting range of the Belgian police. The officers practiced shooting with these posters, which were drawn in a style that realistically depicted, as much as possible, dangerous situations the police might face. These vintage posters are now quite rare, but Poster Galore has managed to get hold of a few.

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